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More fun then you can throw a weasel at!

PentaCon is a semi annual event where we grab a bunch a vehicles and find a nice place near the water to kick back, eat great food, and get in a little casual play time. Sometimes we even try to game while driving via radios and such. I know, crazy!

We call it PentaCon since the first time we did this only five of us were able to make it. This year we went the weekend of May 11th and had a blast! Great food and great friends, you cannot go wrong.

Also per Kevin we will be going again... Probably in September.

If you are looking for the massive gaming convention in Indiana then head on over to Pentacon.

Pictures From PentaCon 07

Some general shots of the Gang
MG and Collin getting ready to play. Bryce, Ria, and Mica Bryce Sacha and DiAnne Bill and Mikey MG
Dinner out at Guido & Vito's
Resturant Sacha and Ria Lasangna in love Too pretty to eat The gangs all here
Visiting with George & the Dogs & the drive home
Bryce with Chrissy The gang plus George Going 80ish in a row Our Bikers Ria and Joe A Home

Thanks to Ben for all of the great pictures!

PentaCon 2007 Take 2

Once we got back home a few of us headed over to Kevin & Bens to visit with Kevin who had missed his first PentaCon ever due to school and a family obligation. While we did not get any snapshots of the encounter let me ensure you that Kevin was rather insistent that we have a second PentaCon this year

Hopefully more snapshots in September or October

Enjoy! TTYL,
- Collin -

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