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So back many years ago Collin and an English class buddy would often spend hours discussing Role Playing games rather than studying, or reading, or writing, or being good students... Thanks to these discussions and input from other friends Collin set out to create his own role playing universe named Vim. After hours upon hours of work Collin was luckily smart enough to figure out that he was perfectly happy playing the games that others had already put out there and scrapped the project.

Fast forward a few years and Collin took what he had created and put some of the elements that he really liked like the maps and city idea's into the D&D world. It all started out simple enough, but here we are many years later still playing in that world. Heck the campaign that we are currently playing in started way back before Collin even drew the first map for Vim back when Brett was the GM and we would play for hours or even days after school out back in Dick's game room behind the garage.

Now here we are still playing D&D, Rifts, TMNT, and other games together years later. There is far more to the story and I hope to be adding to it as time goes by. Here is some of how our little gaming group started.

The Story so Far

Back in those days after high school Brett and Collin along with their fellow gamers created several fun loving adventures to tackle evil doers and to get much treasure... Also slaying imaginary things after dealing with French teachers and the girls of the day was a good way to blow off some steam. Anyway one of Brett's main PC's was a wise old Elf wizard that we called Melkin, and Collin's main PC was brash young Elf fighter named Jill. They had many adventures together and many stories to tell... One such story ends with "Then I drew a card from a deck of many things".

Fast forward 2000ish years. Jill and Melkin were trapped in a time status and a new group of adventurers stumbled upon them and freed them. Still being hunted by the Demon that had trapped them, Jill and Melkin must form new alliances and then along with their new found friends and allies they must destroy this Demon and his army before all the lands of Vim fall under his powers.

The Players, PC's, NPC's, and the Stories

As I get more time and urge to I will add information on each player and the characters they play in Vim. I will talk about some of the chapters we have played like the "Return of the Elves" or "But, Drow Eat Babies!", and also make posts about our other games such as our wacky adventures playing mutant animals in Palladium Games "After the Bomb". Hopefully with a bit a of luck some of the players will also post up a few tidbits to share.

In May 2007 we had our little fun gaming convention that we have named PentaCon and I just posted some pictures of it. Big thanks to Ben for being the camera man all weekend!

With luck something we have been through over all of the years we have played together will help or inspire other DM's, GM's, or a few players.

Enjoy! TTYL,
- Collin -

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